The Breakup Playlist

This playlist is for the people and by the people! Thank you for listening to our podcast episode today, and for all your love and support. In trying to make a breakup playlist (more specifically, an “I got dumped” playlist), I realized, I don’t know what stage of breakup people want! I’ve gone ahead and made a playlist with a few songs at each of the 7 stages of grief.

  1. Shock
    Some songs for that moment of “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING”

    • Shadowboxer, Fiona Apple
      This song is, in all truth, about trying to avoid shock. “I want to be ready for what you do” is the refrain, and hey, lol, isn’t it funny how we never are?
    • Torn, Natalie Imbruglia
      For the part where you’re still lying naked on the floor.
    • Dont Speak
      Classic “currently getting dumped, like, RN!!!!” tune. Dang, Tony fucked up.
  2. Denial
    Lol nah baby boy we gonna do it again.

    • Gumboots, Paul Simon
      “Breakdowns come and breakdowns go but, what are you going to do about it? That’s what I’d like to know. You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could.” This song works regardless of which of you had the breakdown!
    • The Vapors, Jhene Aiko feat Vince Staples
      “Can I hit it again?”
  3. Anger

    • Narcissus, Alanis Morissette
      This is the absolute most quintessential angry breakup song in my book. I told my friend Amelia about the line “I know you had your butt licked by your mother” and she said it was the most important poetry of the 21st century.
    • Smile, Lily Allen
      If you’ve been a fan of my Twitter and stage presence for the last 2 weeks, you will love this song!!!!
    • I Don’t Give a Fuck, Boss
      This one was a suggestion from Sam Stepp. It’s not neccessarily even a break up song but I promise it will help.
    • (Unavailable) Don’t Hurt Yourself, Beyonce
      Blessed are we to live in the time of Don’t Hurt Yourself, Jesus Christ.
  4. Bargaining
    No, you don’t get to leave me. We can fix it. Or I can leave you. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS. LETS TALK OPTIONS.

      • The Worst, Jhene Aiko
        Not necc. a break up per se, but this song is the absolute best for when you’re in that phase where you’ve slept with a friend you kinda liked and are negotiating whether it’s going to be a relationship or you’re gonna get your heart stomped on.
      • The Crying Game, Nicki Minaj
        You know that part of a breakup when you try to hurt someone to remind them you can make them feel anything at all? Nicki Minaj wrote a song about it! This is the most perfect bargaining song I can imagine, and it means a crazy ton to me.
      • (Unlisted) Call Me Out, Duncan Carson
        I asked and this song is not about me.
      • (Unlisted) 6 Inch by Beyonce
        This song is not on Spotify because Tidal cares more about money than your heart. However, the end of this song is the most beautiful expression of the transition from anger to bargaining. After 3 minutes of “I’m too hard at work to give a fuck,” Bey switches to a sweet, childlike “Come back. Come back. Come back, come back, come back” and it is, to me, the absolute most perfect encapsulation of what it feels like to be dumped as a MODERN, STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN. (Also, so many LOL’s at all the unofficial videos I’m ripping from Vimeo)

    Beyoncé – 6 Inch Music Video from MODELS INC. on Vimeo.

  5. Depression
    Wallow, baby girl, it’s the only way through.

    • Love is a Losing Game (the version from the Amy soundtrack), Amy Winehouse
      Fuck, dude.
    • Grand Piano, Nicki Minaj
      Fuuuuuck, dude.
    • Flinch, Alanis Morissette
      On the podcast I mention that my mom had to make me stop listening to sad songs when I was 13 and went through my first break up, and I am guessing it’s probably because she was so sick of hearing this specific song.
    • Elastic Heart, Sia
      Another cool song for the modern, empowered lady to go right on ahead and admit she feels pain.
  6. Testing
    Tentatively, I guess I could consider putting a foot forward? Which foot? Idk.

    • Tymps (Sick in the Head), Fiona Apple
      Man, I been acting kind of crazy lately. Is that normal? Is that OK? Should I continue?
    • Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
      I guess this song could have gone in the “Depression” section, but it means so much more to me than that. If you’re depressed, go watch Amy and have a cry. But what you’ll learn from the middle, not-gut-wrenching part of that movie is that you can turn a break up into a beautiful fucking thing and this song, for me, is a reminder that trauma can turn into beautiful art. At least for a while.
    • Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Adele
      If you’re ready, I’m ready.
  7. Acceptance
    Man, I feel a lot of loss, and that’s OK.

      • (Unavail) Clean, Taylor Swift
        “Just because you’re clean don’t mean you don’t miss it.”
    • Hearts and Bones, Paul Simon
      This is a song about Paul Simon’s slow divorce from Carrie Fisher, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s about a long road trip where two people figure out what they are to each other, and the fallout from that. My favorite line is “[the lovers] resume old acquaintances, and step out occasionally, and speculate who had been damaged the most.”
    • Parting Gift, Fiona Apple
      “From the first to the last time, the sign said stop, but we went on wholehearted. It ended bad, but I loved what we started.”
    • Good as Hell, Lizzo
      This is the funnest. It’s on the playlist but here, watch the video anyway.
    • Tears Dry on their Own, Amy Winehouse
      I listened to this song maybe 8 times on Wednesday and my friend Pete sent me a link that he called “the perfect breakup song” and I was like “oh, good, I can add a song to this one song playlist!” and then I was wrong because Pete also sent this song. It’s all the things.

Finally, also unavailable on Spotify, is Ella’s pick from the pod, It’s All Over Now!


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