Comedic Photoshops and poster art for your holiday season

For years now, my comedic photoshops have been my offering to friends on their birthdays. They’ve gotten a bit of buzz, if you don’t mind my saying.

will_smithAlso, since I work in marketing and promotion, I have relationships with various print shops around town, and know where to get your poster, canvas print, framed photo, or any print material at the lowest cost.

The cost here is about $20 an hour for skilled time, including proofs and coordination with the print shop. I will optimize the image for the exact size you’d like it printed, whether that be a small greeting card or a large poster.

Contact catherinestone11 at (sorry, don’t want spam) for more information or to place an order. Payments will be accepts through PayPal and Venmo.

Basic photoshopped head
$20 for design

Suggestions? Get your friend photoshopped on: wikk-and-roxy-2

  • the head of their favorite celeb’s lover
  • Beyonce’s body
  • a cranky baby
  • a photo of a fun outting they were unable to make

Convincing photoshop with added elements
$35+ for design

Suggestions? Maybe you’d like to…

  • Have me create a convincing photoshop work from basic elements from a friend’s favorite joke
  • 12182997_10102392873868607_33286836731533598_oPhotoshop your friend onto their favorite album cover and alter the text to reflect their name


Original artwork, calendar or collage
Cost of design TBD based on scope of work – consultation free! Price range $20-$100.

Suggestions? Maybe you’d like to.

  • Get a poster of an interpretive illustration from your brother’s favorite book
  • Have your best friend’s favorite album cover, book cover, etc, interpreted into a large scale image that 11998961_10102615412898607_8534829018837613349_ncan be printed at poster size
  • Have your family drawn as a set of cartoons representing your personalities
  • Photoshop you and your best friend at a different site for every month of the year and have a calendar made
  • Place your friend with Kanye at 12 different sites and have a calendar made

All designs can be ordered for the price below and printed independently, or I can print for you for the cost of printing plus my time negotiating, estimated at:

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