6 Reasons Your Tearing Other Women Down Turns Me On

  1. It doesn’t
    When you tell me “I like you, you’re not like other girls,” it’s a reminder that you likely don’t have a lot of positive interactions with women, and ultimately, won’t relate to me all that well.
  2. Wow please stop doing this
    When you tell me specifically that you think I’m cooler than one of my friends, it’s like, lol, do you not know I love most of the things she does?
  3. Actually it’s a huge turn off
    I know there are women who value being praised above other women – we all, in some way, adore comparative praise, because it makes us feel special. But you can give comparative praise without putting anyone down. Just watch: “wow, I have a lot of strong connections with women, but this one feels unique in that I am also attracted to you, which is definitely not true with my mom.” 
  4. Women don’t suck. *People* suck
    “Wow, you’re great at bits. Most girls don’t do bits.” Most PEOPLE don’t do bits. Humans are boring as fuck.
  5. Come on, idiot, just look at me
    I still read Jezebel unironically.
  6. I am walking away now
    There is probably a dude on this app/at this party/bar/event who would know better than to say do what you’re doing and the fact that he cares about women’s internal feelings mean he’s probably also more likely to do oral, which I am about.

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