Showcase: Video

Not Your Ex
Wrote and performed

Mildest Dreams
Wrote, directed, performed, edited (from Strong Female Lead)

Empty Nest
Performed (Preferred Character Acting Piece)

Katie and Jake’s Birdwatching Tour of America
Most recent. Directed, Edited, Performed (all improvised)

Dating Negotiation Hardball
Written and performed (before I joined sketch troupes with production capacity; turn volume up!)

For more videos written, directed, and edited by me, visit my YouTube page.

For a full compendium of videos I’ve created with others, check out this playlist I made, complete with notes on my roles.

Own Podcast:

Naughty Bitcast – full episode listing (co-hosted with Ella Gale)

Guest on Podcasts:

February 2016: Statesman Shots with Tolly Moseley and Omar Gallaga (+ Ella Gale)

January 2016: Breakfast for Dinner Podcast with Dago Garcia and Nicole Seligman

January 2016: Half Empty Grand Return, live from Curras Grill

June 2015: Half Empty with Robert Segovia and Terance McDavid

March 2015: StoryFellers with Pat Dean and Lane Krarup


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